Thinking Tech

I have some big questions about ‘sociotechnical’ change and its impact on education…….

How is technology affecting young children’s ability to learn in a traditional educational setting?

Are technology devices affecting the development of children’s speech, language and communication?

Does society understand the impacts of technology on itself?

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These are just a few of the initial thoughts and questions I would like to reflect on as I begin my studies and participate in the course ‘Education in a Time of Social and Technological Change’ at Bristol University as part of my Masters in education.

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At this point in time I know very little about the topic of sociotechnical change, other than it’s happening! I have a real concern that primary education (and possibly secondary education too) is ill equipped to support students and teachers to make a positive impact in our technological future.

The article in the link below explains the current situation in primary schools beautifully.

I want to know more about the affects of current technology on society, both positive and negative. I am excited about the rapid changes that have taken place that have accelerated our need to understand and utilise technology to connect, educate and support each other in a diverse society.

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