About Me

I am an experienced Early Years practitioner who is passionate about quality early years experiences provided through a child centred, playful approach to learning.

As a reflective practitioner I am continually asking myself questions and reading research to empower me to facilitate real joyful learning for children.

I had the privilege of contributing to a chapter on children’s well being with Alyson Lewis Senior Lecturer in Education Studies at Bath Spa University. The chapter is in ‘ Teaching Early Years : Thomas & McInnes’ published by Sage.

I have decided to start my education blog as a way of adding my voice to the many who are striving for real change in our education system. Children deserve to thrive and should be provided with opportunities that allow them to discover the joy of lifelong learning. As WB Yeats stated: ” Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire”. Children are not empty vessels that need to be filled, they are our future. They hold the creative, innovative key to unlock the wonders of our future society.

Lucy Rees